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Win your very own Web Works website!

I was told a statistic a little while ago. We have loads floating around the office at any one time, but this one stuck. Our guys are always looking at clients Google Analytics stats and social media reach, but this one's a biggie when it comes to remembering how vital SEO is along side a great looking, fully optimised website that adheres to best Search practices.

So the number was that there's 700,000,000 Google searches every day. Seven billion! What was also interesting in this presentation was that Google chooses to search just 2% of the world wide web. What's the other 98% ? Well, darkweb (horrible stuff), storage and military use.

So even that 2% regularly returns over 1 million results spread across multiple search result pages!

This internet thing's a biggie eh? But you probably don't need me to tell you that. If you recognised that some time ago, you'll have invested in your own companys website and perhaps it's making the phone ring and the email Inbox busy. But perhaps it's not either?

Perhaps you're so busy due to repeat or referred business, that it simply isn't on your radar to take a look at how your 'site is actually doing? I mean, how many people visit it, what do they do when they're on it? How did they find you in the first place - what did they Search for?

And when they're there - do you love your 'site as much as you did when you published it? Is it looking a bit tired and outdated? With Google search algorithm's (the clever coding that returns the best websites to the search pages) updating regularly, you might find you could be higher up the results with some best practices applied.

If we're on the same page here, and your 'site needs some attention, or maybe we just start again with a fresh approach, why not see if we can take away any cost concerns and enter our free prize draw to win one? Having said that, prices start from just £995 + VAT at The Web Works.

Full details can be found via a link on the image, but in a nutshell, we'll get you fixed up with a great looking 'site that's spot on for mobile devices and desktops that Google search can find. And after all, with all those searches going on, that's a good thing right?

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