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BMX racing is a passion of mine, and the rest of the Rockfield Media team have also invested time, creativity, money and passion into the sport I love, including for our own small team Rockfield North West. Mostly as I'm relentless in the pursuit in growing the sport in the UK. Well as much as I can influence anyway. And as a result of the past few years efforts, next week is one seriously exciting week here in the agency. Kyle Evans, Team GB Olympic athlete has commissioned us to create his new 'site Following his recent test trip to the Rio 2016 BMX track and this weekends UCI BMX World Cup SuperX competition in Argentina, 'Kev' will be coming to Bolton and the Rockfield Media photography studio.

Now, it's going to be an interesting website build this one. I'm really going to have to take a big step out of the sport. I'd be in serious danger of steering our web team down the 'traditional' route for a BMX athlete's 'site. Lots of action images from the racing for example, when isn't that just a bit predicable? No, some seriously creative studio photography is what's on the agenda for Kev next week. Yes of course there'll be an Instagram feed and a gallery of his race photography but we're thinking of studio shots worthy of Mr Beckham will feature across the 'site. Probably stop short of the underwear shots, but tattoos out for sure. It should look incredible and another big investment of passion, time, creativity and flair from the team.

We're anticipating the build to take three to four weeks on this occasion. All The Web Works 'sites are throughly tested of course, however with a potential global audience checking it out post Olympics, we think that's worthy of a little extra time. Cannot wait to get started!

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